For businesses, startups, and individual marketers

Do you own a business or have a product or service that you want to tell everyone about? Let RightHype help you!

RightHype is a web application that allows you to launch your own viral campaign at the click of a button. With RightHype, you can easily set up an account, design the look and feel of your landing page, and write your own campaign message. You can then send out your unique URL to your friends and have them send it to their friends, and before you know it, your campaign will have generated a long list of email contacts of potential customers interested in your services or products.

In addition, RightHype provides you with a dashboard to help you better understand your contacts (who referred who and how many more did each contact refer), as well as track your campaign success rate.

Create your own campaign page…
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… and keep track of its success

For you… the everyday consumer, internet surfer, and seeker of good deals

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Small businesses, start ups, and individuals come to RightHype to launch their very own viral marketing campaigns, so every day, check back, and see what new deals and events are happening around you!

Inspired by the tremendous growth of viral marketing in today’s social network marketplace, RightHype was launched in 2011, and hopes to serve as an enabler of small businesses, start ups, and individuals in getting their messages out.